Who I am

I am currently a PhD student (2017- now) at the Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering “Antonio Ruberti” at Sapienza University of Rome.
I am a member of the Lab.Ro.Co.Co., under the supervision of Prof. Giorgio Grisetti .

About Me

I received my Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering in 2014 at Sapienza University of Rome under the supervision of Prof. Giuseppe Oriolo. My thesis addressed the stability of humanoids subject to external forces.
In 2017 I completed my Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at Sapienza University of Rome, under the supervision of Prof. Giorgio Grisetti . The title of my master thesis was Extended Measurements in Pose Graph Optimization .
My current research topics are Mobile Robotics, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) and Computer Vision.


Tutor of Sistemi Operativi (2017/18)

More informations on the course can be found here.

Contact Me

Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering (DIAG) “Antonio Ruberti”, room B121,
Sapienza University of Rome.